UnitedHealthcare India’s CareNine is a complete and structured program designed to educate, guide and reassure the Mother to be and Father to be. It empowers the mother to be with timely information with the assistance of specialists focusing on healthy full term deliveries.

  • Gynecologist
  • Life Coach
  • Dietician
  • Fitness Expert

These specialists will guide you through out your pregnancy and post-partum period. The Case Manager, a medically qualified doctor is at the core of the program to handhold the member and facilitate specialist interventions.

All the Program specialists including the Case Manager are professionally qualified with relevant experience in dealing with the pregnant members.

This program is for the entire duration of your pregnancy & one month after, for post-partum support.

You can enroll in the program anytime during your first and second trimester of pregnancy, earlier the better. The program is designed to support you throughout your pregnancy and one month of post-partum period.

No, your company has bought the program for you from UnitedHealthcare India. For more details on this please contact your HR.

  • Telephone based interventions by experts
  • Interventions by Gynecologists, Life Coach, Dietician, Fitness Expert, Case Manager
  • Addresses the Mother to be and the Father to be
  • Customised Diet & Fitness plans during the pregnancy as per the phase of pregnancy
  • Emotional Counselling to both the parents
  • Postnatal care – Customized Diet & fitness plans, Emotional Counseling along with Immunization schedule & counseling on infant care
  • Discounts at diagnostic centers and Hospitals on CareNine panel

If you would like to enroll your sister/friend please contact the CareNine team at carenine@uhcindia.com

Log on to https://www.carenine.in/enrollment/ Fill in your details and submit

Verify your email id with the OTP sent on your registered email id

After your submission, the Case Manager will get in touch with you within 48 working hours.

You can log on to www.carenine.in with your mobile number as the user name and the password you have set, to read about pregnancy.

To avail the coupon code specific for your corporate, please contact your benefits/HR/wellness team or write in to carenine@uhcindia.com

This is a support based informative program. We do not provide emergency services.

You can check your call schedules on www.carenine.in once you log in, on the site. In case you want to call without the schedule, you can call your Case Manager. You can also e mail on carenine@uhcindia.com

The Case Manager will revert back to your queries within 48 working hours.

Please write in or call the Case Manager for the details of the diagnostic centers in your city. The Case Manager will guide you with the appointments & discounts that can be availed.