A protocol based online and telephone based program

Structured antenatal program

Counselling, guidance and education on what to expect during pregnancy.

Know CareNine

Get complete care with specialist’s interventions through the pregnancy period and one month after delivery.

  • Learn about what to expect in each stage of pregnancy, caution signs, tests and scans.


  • Customized nutrition plan through pregnancy and after delivery for lactation. Follow healthy dietary habits to ensure a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.


  • Guidance on Physical fitness to stay fit for changes in pregnancy. Guides with postures and breathing exercises.


  • Education and reassurance on emotional aspects for both the parents to be. Helps cope with changes & provides guidance to handle the new life.

    Emotional Counselling

  • Avail discounts available at Diagnostic centers, Pharma, Stem cell banking.

    Discount & Offers

  • Read and watch pregnancy videos specific for the member.

    Content & Reading

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